Now Offering Soft Tissue Release, Graston Technique, and Kinesio-Taping

Morgan -- Registered Kinesiologist at Cornell Performance Academy

Morgan is a Registered Kinesiologist with certifications in Soft Tissue Release, Graston Technique, and Kinesio-Taping. 

Soft tissue release (STR) is a hands-on manual therapy technique to assess and treat the body’s tissue. The body’s soft tissues (muscle, tendon, fascia and ligaments) are prone to acute and chronic injury, which leads to swelling, adhesions and fibrosis (scarring) of the tissue. This type of injury often results in pain, loss of mobility, strength, and function. Soft tissue release targets specific areas of tension within an individual muscle to remove scar tissue and adhesion to relieve muscular stress and pain.

Graston Technique uses unique handheld instruments with a specialized form of massage designed to help the practitioner identify areas of restriction and break up the scar tissue. 

Kinesio-Taping is a treatment option if you’ve had an injury or illness that leads to mobility and motor function problems. It involves placing strips of special tape on your body in specific directions to help support your joints, like a knee, ankle, or wrist, as well as muscles and tendons.

It can help facilitate muscle function, stabilize joints, or inhibit muscles from contracting improperly. It can also help decrease pain, swelling, and muscle spasms.

Morgan has worked with various fitness enthusiasts, athletes, and sports teams. She offers evidence-based training programs and manual and instrument-assisted soft tissue release treatments to help clients achieve their full range of movement, fitness, or sport. 

Morgan will be offering sessions as follows:

  • Soft Tissue Release (one hour) $115
  • Soft Tissue Release + Personal Training (one hour) $95
  • Graston Technique (one hour) $115
  • Graston Technique + Personal Training (one hour) $95
  • Kinesio-Taping (30 minute injury-specific treatment that includes focused soft tissue release and taping) $55 

(Please note that all amounts are + HST)

We can confirm that the following insurance companies offer kinesiology services in their plans, or it can be added to the plans: 



Canada Life

However, we encourage you to check with your employer to see if your plan opted to include it; if not, it can be added in.  

The other option is that many plans now include a healthcare or wellness spending account. It’s extra money that can apply towards different healthcare needs and can be used to cover kinesiology services. 

Book a session with Morgan, and we can chat further! 


Strength Equipment: Racks and Stands

  • Custom Power Body Collegiate 3 Station Multi-Use Power Racks
  • 2 Full Power Cages with band pegs

  • 1 Multi Use Half Rack Stand

  • 1 Glute/Ham Developer

  • 1  Atlantis Olympic Incline Bench with spotter stand

  • 1 Preacher Bench

Cornell Performance Academy Facility - Front Entrance
Cornell Performance Academy - Main 2

Strength Equipment: Bars and Specialty Bars

  • 8 Olympic Barbells

  • 1 Safety Squat Bar

  • 1 Closed 65lb Hex Bar

  • 1 Swiss Multi Grip Bar

  • 1 Set Olympic Rings

  • 3 EZ Curl Arm Bar 

  • 2 Farmers Carry Bars

  • Fixed Weighted Barbells 20 to 110lb in 10 lb increments


  • Over 3500lbs of Iron Plates – increments of 2.5 – 45lbs

  • Over 1000lbs Bumper Plates 10 -45lbs

  • Dumbbells 1 -100 multiples of weights from 1-50 

  • Atlas Stones 75,100,125,150

  • Tires 250, 450, 550, 750

  • Medicine balls 3-20lb

  • Chains 90lbs

  • Slam Balls 10,12,17,25,50

  • Stretch Bands in Various Resistances

  • Sandbells 6,10, 15

  • Tactical Bags 20-50lbs

Cornell Performance Academy Facility - CPA Wall Art
Cornell Performance Academy Facility - Free Weights
Cornell Performance Academy - Main 1

Facility Benches

  • 6 Commercial Grade Adjustable Benches
  • 2 Flat Benches
  • 1 Preacher Bench

  • 1 GHD

  • 1 Physio/Stretch Table

  • 1 Olympic Bench Press

 Strength Training Machines

  • Inspire DBL Stack Pro Trainer Cable Machine 10-150lb Stack – Various Attachments

  • Hammer Strength 45 Degree Leg Press

  • Lifestyle Fitness Prone Leg Curl Machine

  • Apex Glute Machine

  • Life Fitness Glute/Quad Kick Back Machine

  • Atlantis Assisted Chin Up and Dip Machine

  • Atlantis 4-Way Hip Rehab Machine

  • Apex Standing Calf Raise Machine

Cornell Performance Academy Facility - Back Training Room
Cornell Performance Academy Facility - Physiotherapy Table
Cornell Performance Academy Facility - Side Facility Room

Physiotherapy Equipment

  • Mini Bands (Various Resistances)

  • D-Moose Neck Harness Weights

  • Tubing (Various Resistance)
  • Ankle Weights 2,5,10lbs

  • Dumbbells 1,2,3,5

  • Several Self- Myofascial Release Tools

  • Theracane

  • Team Style Physio Table

  • 2x Wobble Boards

  • 2x Stability Pads

  • 2x Bosu Balls

  • 4x Bosu Pods

  • 5x Physio Balls

  • 3x TRX

  • Yoga Mats, Blocks, Straps

  • Lebert Hurdles

  • Foam Stability Blocks

  • First Aid Kit
  • Ice Machine
  • 1 Massage Chair

Athletic Performance Equipment

  • 3x Agility Ladders

  • Mini Bands
  • 1 Prowler Sled (Push and Pull)

  • 3x Speed Sled With Harness

  • 1 Bungee Belt System

  • 1 Speed Parachute

  • Cones
  • Speed Hurdles
  • 3x Battle Ropes

  • 1 Giant/Gladiator Rope

  • Weighted Belt for Pull-Ups or Dips
  • 2x 40lbs Adjustable Weighted Vest

  • Fat Grips
  • SledgeHammers

  • Plyo Boxes

  • Turf Strip
  • 3x TRX

  • 3 Season Basketball Half-Court

  • Ab Roller

Cornell Performance Academy - Our Facility - Ropes and Sled
Cornell Performance Academy Facility - Turf and Bands

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