The CPA Story

Michael and Raquel Cornell of Cornell Performance Academy
Welcome to Cornell Performance Academy, where the heartbeat of Hamilton pulses through every rep, and our city’s sweat fuels our unwavering quest for excellence. We’re more than just a gym; we epitomize the very spirit of Hamilton, deeply rooted in downtown’s core. Grit is our foundation; hustle is our anthem.

Our founders, Michael and Raquel, are true Hamiltonians, born and raised amidst this vibrant community. They envisioned a gym that would mirror our city’s raw, authentic energy. They drew inspiration from their athletic journeys in the ’90s and early 2000s within the gritty, no-nonsense gyms where they honed their skills. Their vision was crystal clear: to create a haven in Hamilton that encapsulates the essence of downtown, preserving its authentic roots. Cornell Performance Academy is a testament to their dedication, a gym that remains true to the heart of downtown Hamilton while providing an arena for the entire city to thrive.

We proudly wear the badge of a neighbourhood gym, deeply entwined with our community. Whether you’re a newcomer or a battle-hardened warrior, you’ll find your place to rise.

In this unfiltered realm of transformation, we discard flashy gimmicks; instead, we build from sweat and sheer determination.

Our authenticity radiates with 50% female ownership, challenging norms and elevating our community’s spirit. Our focus extends beyond personal gains; we’re here to lift one another and ignite the flames of inspiration, encouraging everyone to push limits and attain greatness.

Step into our world, where we embrace the darkness, where the gritty path leads to profound transformation. We thrive on challenges, welcoming the journey of self-discovery with open arms.

At Cornell Performance Academy, we are not just a gym but a united front of individuals pursuing common goals.

Welcome to Cornell Performance Academy, The People’s Community Gym – where the unbreakable Hamilton spirit propels every rep, and the sweat of our city fuels your journey to transcend boundaries. Here, grit, sweat, and determination converge to break the mold and empower you to rise above.

This is where the relentless spirit of Hamilton lives on.

Welcome home.

Michael & Raquel


CPA is all about diversity, ages and stages, ability, ethnicity, gender, and orientation, to work for one goal, and to rise while raising one another. Cornell Performance’s mission is to build the athlete within each person that walks through its doors.


Cornell Performance Academy - Main 1
Cornell Performance Academy Facility - CPA Wall Art
Cornell Performance Academy - Main 2
Cardio Machines in Use
Angled Leg Press at Cornell Performance Academy
Main Room at Cornell Performance Academy

Break the Mold. Rise Above.

Level up with Cornell Performance Academy, it’s time to build your inner athlete.