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Unleash the Power of Cold Plunging: It’s Not Just for Athletes Anymore!

Discover a new realm of vitality and wellness with our invigorating cold tub sessions. Whether you’re a fitness enthusiast, a wellness seeker, or just looking to supercharge your day, our cold tubs are your ticket to an extraordinary physical and mental rejuvenation journey.

💪 Elevate Your Well-being – Amplify Your Fitness Goals. Step into a world where everyone can unlock the magic of icy immersion. Cold tubs are your gateway to supercharged muscle recovery, slashing soreness, and enhancing exercise recuperation. Embrace the cutting edge of wellness science and witness how targeted cold exposure elevates your journey to peak performance.

🔥 Revitalize Your Body & Soul – Ignite Your Inner Fire Imagine the thrill as your body reacts to the frosty plunge, triggering an electrifying cascade of benefits. The effects are monumental, from reduced inflammation and immune support to skyrocketing dopamine levels. Picture a day brimming with unstoppable energy and unwavering positivity.

(Coming soon, Sauna) 🏋️ Embrace the Ritual – Unveil the Art of Contrast. Fusing the fiery embrace of saunas with the crisp shock of cold immersion, our cold tub experience is a symphony of sensations that leaves you rejuvenated like never before. As you alternate between hot and cold, witness your blood vessels dance with newfound vigour while your stress melts away, paving the path for your peak performance.

🌟 Unlock the Potential – Your Exclusive Passport to Well-being Dip your toes into greatness with our exclusive cold tub experience. Two options await you – a single-use ticket to transformation or an unlimited monthly pass to eternal rejuvenation. Your journey begins with a simple click, leading you to a realm of health, happiness, and vitality.

🛒 Choose Your Adventure:

🌬️ Individual Frost Expedition – $20 per use (+HST) (get started here)

🌬️ Unlimited Chill Odyssey – $59.99 per month (+HST, 12 months membership, max one per day) (get started here)

⚡ Seize the Plunge – Your Time to Thrive Awaits! Secure your spot in the cold tub oasis – your gateway to peak performance and boundless well-being. Click (add link) to own your cold tub experience membership now!

But Wait, There’s More: A curtain offers your haven for a tranquil dip. Remember to bring your towel and slide into sandals post-plunge.

📧 Dive Into Greatness Today! After booking, reach out to us at for the lowdown on rules and first-use steps. Scheduled bookings? Not anymore! It’s time to embrace the plunge on your terms.

🌡️ Join the Cold Revolution – Happy Dippin’, Everyone! 🌡️


🌬️ Individual Frost Expedition

$20/use (+HST)

🌬️ Unlimited Chill Odyssey

$5999per month (+HST, 12 months membership, max one per day)

Break the Mold. Rise Above.

Level up with Cornell Performance Academy, it’s time to build your inner athlete.