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Elite Performance Coaching & Personal Training

Building YOUR athlete within. Our mission is to build you into a complete athlete, by developing force, power, speed and conditioning. Our coaching methods are designed to elevate and enhance your performance in mind and body.

Cornell Performance Academy - Hamilton Gyms - Bootcamp with Mike Cornell


Are you ready to break the mold and rise above to reach your goals?

Join our community of motivated, inspired, and resilient members. When you join the CPA community you don’t just get access to an elite facility and Hamilton’s top performance coaches, you become part of a family that elevates one another.



Home of Hamilton’s elite athletic performance facility with 10,000 square ft. of training floor available. Our fitness facility hosts multiple training rooms, and provides our gym members with access to multiple training racks, barbell and dumbbell weights, performance bands, sleds, tires, circuit machines, and more.

We proudly offer personal training, athletic development, various membership options (individual and partner), nutritional coaching and more. Come check out our facility in person to learn more!

Online and virtual membership and training programs are also available.

Eric Blake Pushing Sled - Cornell Performance Academy
Main Gym Floor at Cornell Performance Academy
Main Room at Cornell Performance Academy
Group Training at Cornell Performance Academy
Cornell Performance Academy Facility - Side Facility Room
Cornell Performance Academy Facility - Back Training Room
“ I fear not the man who has practiced 10,000 kicks once, but I fear the man who has practiced one kick 10,000 times ”



Michael Cornell
Michael CornellOwner, Head Performance Coach
A 6 year CFL vet, Michael has dedicated his life to the concept of performance and breaking the mold. He has more than 15 years of hands-on experience with exercise physiology, kinesiology, corrective movement patterns, and sports psychology along with several training and performance certifications.
Raquel Cornell
Raquel CornellOwner, Performance Coach
Raquel encourages our community to embrace their power and develop self-love. Coaching is her purpose. As a former athlete, she suffered a severe leg injury, and following three surgeries; She watched the future she had planned slip away. Not one to accept defeat, her mission is to embrace the challenges and encourage others to defy their limitations and dig deeply into their power and purpose
Julian Howsare
Julian HowsarePerformance Coach
Julian Howsare has been a professional football player for eight years and currently plays for the Hamilton Tiger-Cats. Julian has certifications in personal training and his philosophy when training clients is to incorporate various training techniques and methods to best suit each client based on their individual needs, preferences, and goals.
Hayden Amis
Hayden AmisPerformance & Bootcamp Coach
Coming from a rich history of athletics, Hayden has an excellent background in physical training. He has a professional understanding of the body, completing his professional training certificate and then building on that with advanced personal training methods with Michael Cornell.
Eric Blake
Eric BlakePerformance Coach
Eric is a professional athlete currently playing in the Canadian Football League. He has practiced strength and conditioning for many years and has found great success in developing his athletic potential. Plain and simple, he understands what it takes to achieve success on and off the field, and that shows in what he does and how he coaches his clients.
Nikita Whitlock
Nikita WhitlockPerformance Coach
Nikita is a versatile professional athlete playing defensive tackle and fullback. He has played in three professional leagues throughout his career: the NFL, the CFL, and the XFL. Nikita believes that even the biggest walls and barriers can be broken down… especially with a sledgehammer.



Train With Performance Coaches.

Performance coaching takes personal training to the next level by investing in all areas of your fitness to ensure you reach your goals. When you train with a partner, spouse, or a teammate, you’ll get a group training discount (at $65 per person).


Break the Mold. Rise Above.

Level up with Cornell Performance Academy, it’s time to build your inner athlete.