Here at Cornell Performance Academy, our mission is to build the athlete within each person that walks through our doors regardless of age, gender, or goals.

Since 2013, we’ve been fortunate enough to connect with hundreds of incredible members that make up the CPA community. We can also confidently say that we’ve been able to help our members and clients reach new heights when it comes to their fitness and overall lifestyle.

Here’s what our amazing members and clients are saying about our performance coaches, our athletic facility, and the work we commit to on a daily basis:


Chase Fowler-Taylor ★★★★★

“At CPA, It’s not just a gym membership, it’s a lifestyle. Their knowledgeable and pleasant staff makes every workout an informative, enjoyable experience. Their world-class facilities allow anybody wanting to pursue a healthier lifestyle, from first time member to seasoned pro, to meet their goals and rise above. CPA personally helped me lose 100 lbs, through my own dedication, and theirs towards me. Come by today to see what the excitement is all about!”


Wendigo Moccasins ★★★★★

“CPA is absolutely one of the best gyms I have been a member of. Whether you like the community vibe of a CrossFit box, or you prefer to put on your headphones and get to work, CPA has a fantastic, welcoming environment. Membership is extremely fair and flexible. If you love functional training, they have everything you need. Mike and Raquel have and absolute gem of a gym. I would give it 6 STARS.”


Daniel McKinnon ★★★★★

“Mike and Cornell Performance Academy has truly been a game changer for me in my life in finally feeling as though im on the path to realizing my athletic potentially; physically, mentally and emotionally. The attention to detail in both the training regimen and specific focus in each exercise has me feeling excited for each and every one of my workouts. As a football player, Mike has been a true difference maker in his incredible communication and coordination with helping me get to heights I’ve never experienced before with my lifts, body composition, and mental mindset. I honestly recommend Cornell Performance Academy to anyone out there who feels as though they have yet to reach their true athletic potential; from personal experience I can definitively say that Cornell Academy has helped engage me on my path to do so.”


Lisa Leder ★★★★★

“Well, when my son Ryan was in grade 11 at STM he heard about a gym downtown called Cornell Performance. He was an excellent football player looking to advance his future and wanted to train with the hope of playing in university. He met a man who would change his life when he met Michael Cornell. Ryan trained and as a committed individual with Michael’s help and Ryan’s determination he transformed his body into this strong machine. The Mauraders noticed him on the fields of STM and offered him a scholarship to become a Maurader! He was thrilled and played his first year playing 7 out of 8 games as a rookie. Michael gave him the extra training he needed to succeed.
When I wanted to start some healthier habits I turned to my son Ryan. He invited me to the Cornell Performance summer Appreciation BBQ and I met Raquel there. I was immediately drawn to her. I decided to train with this beautiful individual, Raquel two to three times a week. She supported me through all the challenges both physical and mental. My food program was a constant battle for me because I have a passion for cooking and eating! She managed to help me tone and gain the energy and the confidence I needed. I wanted to go the this gym each and every time I went which was a new feeling for me. It was the people there that I liked in my life now. Happy, kind faces with professional advice I needed. They are beyond a gym! They are the one the only Cornell Performance ….let them change your life like they changed Ryan’s and mine. Trust me it works!!”


Nathan Kanya ★★★★★

“I had the pleasure of training with Mike at CPA while playing in the CFL. Great atmosphere to train, push your limits, break the mold and rise above!”


Nikita Whitlock ★★★★★

“Started working with Mike after I tore my pec he has been a big part of my journey to get back to the NFL/CFL. I have been training and training others all my life, but even with all my experience. Mike was able to find and point out deficits that have helped me get back into top tier shape. As a pro athlete your only as good as your training. I have trained with some of the best trainers all over America from Chip Smith in ATL to Michael Johnson performance in Dallas and Parises in New Jersey. At Cornell Performance Academy you get professional caliber training as well as the time and attention that is necessary for growth.”


Carla Underhill ★★★★★

“I started personal training with Michael just over a year ago. He was highly recommended to me as I have suffered from chronic pain in my lower back for years. Michael is full of knowledge and developed a specific program tailored to my needs. He has been thorough with explaining each exercise we have done and why we are doing it. Michael is very encouraging and kept me motivated on those days where I entered the gym with not much motivation. He helps you realize what you’re capable of and expects nothing less. During our sessions, I not only gained strength but I also noticed a decrease in the low back pain I was having on a daily basis.”


DeAna Tulett ★★★★★

“Cornell Performance Academy (CPA) is the best gym I have ever trained at! The trainers are so informative and helpful, the atmosphere is easy to get into and everyone is so welcoming of each other, regardless of experience or appearance! I have attended bootcamp classes at CPA (pre-COVID) and always left feeling exhausted yet empowered. I’ve also been working with one of CPA’s trainers, Sara Stein, since Sept 2019 and even through both lockdown’s Sara was committed to my progress as much as I was and we were able to keep a regular training schedule with virtual training or at home workouts. With the help of Sara, I’ve not only transformed my body, but I’ve transformed the way I SEE my body and FEEL in my body. I have gone from treating my workout as a punishment for what I have eaten, to a celebration of what I can do physically and overcome mentally. I feel like a real athlete, as everyone who trains should!”


Steve MacLeod ★★★★★

“I’ve been training with CPA for over 6 years+ The knowledge I have gained over the years from training with Micheal Cornell has been priceless and this has pushed me and keeps pushing me to be the best athlete and person I can be. CPA taught me whatever adversity we go through in life we have two choices, stay down, give up or get up and get to work, never surrender to life’s challenges! I couldn’t be more grateful for CPA and I have no clue where I’d be without y’all!”


Catherine Condello ★★★★★

“Our son has been a part of the Cornell Performance Academy family for a few years. Mike has changed the game for Nathan, mentally and physically. Mike has motivated Nathan to push past his limits, achieving the highest honour as team captain of Team Canada and Team Ontario. Physically Mike has given Nathan a road map to becoming an elite athlete, he is stronger, faster and smarter about his training. Recently Nathan signed with Guelph University as a linebacker, and we are so excited to see all this hard work and dreams come true! Thanks for everything, Mike.”


Joe O’Brien ★★★★★

“I am currently a football player at Mcmaster university and I have been attending Cornell performance academy for over 6 years and without my one on one training with Michael Cornell I would not be where I am today before starting my training with him I had 0 offers from university’s to play football but after a couple years of working with him I started getting offers from everywhere. He made it possible for me to play football at the university level and is now working with me to accomplish my dream of making the CFL, if you are a young athlete in Hamilton and wanna take it to the next level this is the place to be.”


Marina Monahar ★★★★★

“I’ve been lifting on and off for about 8 years now, so I’ve been to tons of different gyms. CPA is hands down the BEST gym I’ve ever been to. The facility is beautiful, the people are so nice, and the overall environment is just so wonderful and welcoming. It’s unlike any gym I’ve ever been to – it’s 100x better. As long as I live in Hamilton I will never go anywhere else!”